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How to Update your business info on Google

Updation of business information helps the customer to easily know about the business. If the information of business is up to date then it will attract more and more customers. The updation of business involves adding of some useful data or content so that the customers can be attracted.

There are some steps for updating information in business which are as follows:

  • Log into google my business account
  • select Info
  • Select the section you want to edit
  • Select the pencil icon to add or edit
  • Make your edits
  • Select Apply

There are various types of updation of business information:

  • Business Name
  • Website
  • Schemes
  • Phone NO.
  • Address
  • Post
  • Call Button
  • Update Hours
  • Ask a Question
  • Update Services

The updation of business information helps ensure that we share most accurate information with our potential customers

Updation and changes help the business to get higher ranks and through high ranks the google will list your business on top and also the google will list you on maps and on the local section of google search and this helps your business to grow as more and more customers can easily reach your website through local sites this also increase your customers and this will help in the growth. Updating business information will increase your website traffic and thereby increase customers.

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